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After two years of quarantining, we’re finally able to host our legendary newcomer’s class… also known as Discovering the Vineyard.  The class is designed to help newer folks to the Katy Vineyard get more acquainted with us… and us with you!  This is a three-part interactive class that meets for an hour and 15 minutes on three separate Sundays at the Bynum’s home.  Here’s what it looks like:

1. Discovering Your Story: Review and share your life story.  Where are you from?  What do you do?  What brought you to the Vineyard?  What are you hoping for?

2.  Discovering God’s Story: (Review of Vineyard Statement of Faith). What are the doctrines and beliefs that guide our ministry together as a Christian community?  How do we understand the gospel, the Kingdom, the Bible, life as the church today, and how everything ends at the end of the age?

3. Discovering Our Story: This includes:

  • A brief review of our history as a church in Katy. How we got started.
  • A discussion around our mission statement and why we are here as a church.
  • A quick review of our discipleship objectives: Fluent in the Gospel, Led by the Holy Spirit, Committed to Biblical Community, and Passionate about Living Missionally.  This answers:  Who are we?  What are we doing together?  How do we become mature followers of Jesus and help others do the same, as Jesus commanded?

Please click here to sign up for this wonderful time as we grow deeper in faith, hope, and love together.

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