We have incredibly good news!  God loves all people.  Deeply, genuinely, unconditionally.   He’s proven it through Jesus Christ.  It’s His desire that everyone of us experience the joy of knowing Him and receiving His salvation from sin and death.

As we come to know Him and commit our lives to Him, we discover that we have been invited into His family.  This family spans the globe and the generations as God calls us to love one another, just as He has loved us.  Jesus said Himself, “They will know you are my disciples by the love you have for one another.”  In God’s family, people really know each other and love each other in the same way that He does.

This is what The Vineyard Church in Katy is all about.

We embrace the historical Christian faith.  We are convinced that God has come to earth in Jesus Christ, revealing Himself fully to the world that he might be known, enjoyed and worshipped as creator.  Jesus paid the price that sin demands – which once separated us from a living relationship with God, but now no longer stands in the way, as we find life in Him.  His Kingdom rule is breaking into this age, bringing life, light and freedom to all who trust and obey Him.  One day, Jesus Christ will return to make “all things new” as He promised in Revelation 21:5.

We’re confident that God gives His Holy Spirit to dwell in all followers of Jesus Christ. It is His presence in the community of faith, that makes the church unique in the world.  His Spirit in us empowers us to know God intimately, to love one another as Jesus commanded and to share the incredibly great news of the gospel.

We are a contemporary expression of the Christian faith.  Our worship services are casual attire, come as you are.  No pretense. We highly value gathering as friends and growing in our faith in Christ.  We’re ordinary people, pursuing the extraordinary God.

We are a member of The Vineyard Community of Churches

The Vineyard Community of Churches is a worldwide association of Christian fellowships bringing the hope and love of Jesus Christ to the world.  A more detailed version of our statement of faith can be found on the Vineyard USA website:


The following video is a short history on The Vineyard church planting movement: