At the Katy Vineyard, our mission is to help people everywhere find life in Jesus Christ.  We want the world to know the difference that Jesus makes when we come into relationship with Him.  The gospel is incredibly good news!  We have been invited into a life in relationship WITH God that is lived out in relationship WITH one another.

If we are going to be Jesus’ disciples, it is vital that we learn what it means to live life with Him.  We have created several opportunities for doing just that.  The “track” for discipleship in the Katy Vineyard is called “Discovery” and is split into two kinds of classes:  Essential and Growth

Essential classes are those that we believe everyone should take as a foundation in their relationship with Jesus.  Growth classes are meant to grow your faith and understanding in a particular area.

To know what classes are currently being offered, check here on the web, or call the church office for more information.

Take a look at the Discovery Class Brochure for a list of classes.